Daniel Harding väljer Alfvén till sin jubileumskonsert


Fredagen den 18 februari kl 19
Lördagen den 19 februari kl 15

När Sveriges Radios Symfoniorkester firar femton år med sin chefsdirigent Daniel Harding blir det storslagen jubileumskonsert i Berwaldhallen. Konserten inleds med En skärgårdssägen av Hugo Alfvén, till minne av tonsättarens 150:e födelsedag.

It seemed appropriate to me that in the concerts where we celebrate the anniversary of these 15 wonderful years I have spent with the orchestra, we should bring the focus onto another anniversary: the 150 years of Hugo Alfvén.

A dear and trusted friend of mine suggested the Skärgårdssägen as being the kind of brooding, sometimes threatening, ever creative and unexpected music that I would love. A piece that in its complex and uncompromising relation with nature provides a worthy and individual counterweight to the other great tone poem in the programme: Strauss’s Zarathustra.

Alfvén was a fascinating personality: composer, painter, writer and conductor, and this is indeed a piece that is a gift for conductor, orchestra and audience.
/Daniel Harding


Konserten sänds direkt på Berwaldhallen Play Länk till annan webbplats. samt i Sveriges Radio P2 Länk till annan webbplats. fredagen den 18 feb kl 19:00.

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