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The plastic Extension of music - Lund Contemporary 2021

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Guitarist, composer and plastic artist Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete, Doctoral Student at the Malmö Academy of Music, is interviewed by David Riebe, the Artistic Director of Lund Contemporary Festival. Chavaría-Aldrete discusses his research where sound and musical compositions are extended into parallel plastic forms, such as sculpture, movement, books and other media. We get to see examples of these "plastic extensions" and hear him perform examples of the music behind the work. The interview is in English.

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Lund Contemporary 2021 is part of #Musikensår2021, the 250th anniversary of The Royal Swedish Academy of Music (Kungl. Musikaliska Akademien). Read more about Lund Contemporary below.

BERTRAND CHAVARRÍA-ALDRETE is a guitarist, composer and plastic artist, and currently PhD Student at the Malmö Academy of Music, Lund University. He has various working methods originating in sound, based on musical interpretation as creative criticism and moving towards intervention and creation – both in music and in the plastic arts. As an interpreter, Bertrand has premiered more than 70 works, performing in the most important halls and festivals in Europe and America, as a soloist and in chamber music as well as in recordings. As of 2015, his work has extended to include the plastic arts, developing a new type of interpretation and musical intervention resulting in an extension – and a visual and plastic creation – of music.

In the field of composition, his works span through many different genres, from string quartet to theatre and experimental music, and he uses a wide panorama of devices, both traditional classical instruments and devices like music boxes, pads and electronics. In 2019 he won second prize at the Quatuor Molinari International Composition Competition and in 2021 he will be composer-in-residence at the Civitella-Ranieri Foundation. Chavarría-Aldrete is also an active pedagogue, giving lectures and masterclasses and creating various pedagogical activities combining contemporary music and plastic arts.

DAVID RIEBE is Artistic Director and Producer of Lund Contemporary Festival. A Lund-based composer of contemporary music, he has a Master’s degree in Composition from the Malmö Academy of Music and a Bachelor’s Degree in Musicology from Lund University. His music has been performed by several ensembles, orchestras and musicians, in Sweden as well as abroad, and he has earned both international and national prizes and grants for his artistic work.

LUND CONTEMPORARY is a festival for contemporary art music organized by Lund University's music center Odeum in collaboration with a number of local and regional ensembles and institutions. In a varied program, newly written music is interspersed with panel discussions and experimental experiences with interactive elements. The festival has previously taken place in 2017 and 2019. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2021 edition is divided into two parts; one digital and one with audience. The digital part consists of a number of videos being published in February and March 2021 and the live part takes place in the early summer. Lund Contemporary 2021 is part of “Musikens År 2021”, the 250th anniversary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music (Kungl. Musikliska Akademien).

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