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250 The Royal Swedish Academy 1771-2021 (e-book)

Acoustics for Choir and Orchestra

Action and Perception in Rhythm and Music

Analytica - Studies in Honour of Ingmar Bengtsson

Aspects of Twentieth Century Performance Practise

Basic Musica Functions and Music Ability


Bird's Eye Perspectives on North American Music Life

Choral Music Perspectives – Dedicated to Eric Ericson

Eduard Tubin – Piano Works

Estimation of the Validity of some Entrance Tests at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm

Five Lectures on the Acoustics of the Piano

From Sketches and Unpublished Scores 1938-56

Function, Construction and Quality of the Guitar

Georges Bizet - Letters in the Nydahl Collection

Gluing Tones

Gustavia Opera

Harmony and Tonality

Hör upp! Stockholm Hey Listen!

ICEM Conference on Electro-Acoustic Music

Joseph Martin Kraus - Det stora undantaget/The Great Exception

Medieval studies

Music Perception in Concert Halls

Music, Room and Acoustics

Proceedings - From Awareness to Action

Research Aspects on Singing

Second Conference on Music Archaeology (ICTM), Vol. I

Second Conference on Music Archaeology (ICTM), Vol. II

SMAC -83. Proceedings of the Stockholm Music Acoustics Conference

SMAC -93. Proceedings of the Stockholm Music Acoustics Conference

Somatosensory Feedback in Musical Performance

Sound Generation in Winds, Strings and Computers

Studia Ethnomusicologica Eurasiatica II

Studies of music performance

Sven-David Sandström – The Biography

The Musician in Focus

Three Aspects of New Music

Trends and Perspectives in Musicology Proceedings